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Natashalee Barre London
Barre and Yoga Classes online

Barre classes online: Monday, Wednesday and Friday 10.00am and Saturday at 11.45am UK London Time. Barre is a fitness fusion blend of dance inspired by ballet and fusing body conditioning. It will tone your body, improve balance & flexibility. If you have some light weights and a 3 metre stretchy resistance band, all the better!

Online class PAYG is £5.00 or x5 Class Pass discount £20.00 Please email to join: Payment is via PayPal

Yoga Classes Online:

Online Vinyasa Yoga classes Tuesday & Friday 12.30pm UK time. Vinyasa Yoga is a dynamic and powerful yoga style with continual flow and stretch. You will release any muscle tension, improve your balance and co-ordination as well find a sense of calm and inner peace. Basic to Intermediate Level (some prior yoga experience would be beneficial)

Please email for more info on joining Online Yoga classes: And to receive your Zoom link to join. Class is £5 PAYG or Class pass x5 Classes for £20. Payment via Paypal. Thank you in advance and I look forward to seeing you on the mat!

Barre and Yoga Fitness background

Since my prior training was in ISTD Ballet I’ve been lucky to channel this into my fitness passion with creating original Barre classes. I gained my Barre certification with the internationally renowned Tracey Mallet and her U.S. Booty Barre & Barreless program. Since then i’ve developed my own Barre formula based on my ballet & fitness background. Barre is an amazing workout with so much content to give a truly super full body workout. Including element of Pilates balance & strength workout combined with weights conditioning and stretching and flexibility components, you’ll leave feeling like you’ve had a great workout.

Natasha-lee Yoga Instructor

Yoga, power & flow Vinyasa

Drawing from my dance training & background I’ve dived into the world of Yoga and never looked back. Yoga is a wonderful way for all bodies to find strength, grace and power. As well as inner peace, harmony and a wonderful relaxation for body and mind. I recently gained my Yoga certification with the Incredible Drishti Beats Yoga, USA. They’re so unique as they include music within their yoga practice which I’ve taken into to my Yoga sequencing to give it an uplifting, flowing quality. My Yoga practice & teaching is based in Vinyassa flow which is wonderfully invigorating and mood enhancing. My yoga flows regularly change and include core strengthening components so it is good workout for the entire body.

There are so many benefits to be gained from Yoga that might resonate with you, whether you’re looking to gain upper body strength, increased flexibility, improved balance or restore calm & inner peace there is something to be gained for everyone.

YOGA Instructor Certified

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