Natashalee fitness

Hello, welcome to my fitness, Personal Training, Dance, Barre & Yoga website. I hope this site helps you find a new spark for fitness and desire to achieve the best version of you!

Personal Training

Fitness is about finding what works for you and committing to it! Even just a small desire to change, get fitter, stronger, loose weight is enough to start your journey to achieving what you thought might never be possible. I can help you to find the best workout program to help you get the results you want and deserve. With guided plans that can be adapted as your training develops and coaching to help you achieve that motivated positive mind set. As a Personal Trainer I will support your fitness goals, despite their up’s and down’s, helping you stay on track. As you remind yourself its all about the journey not the destination, there is fun and enjoyment to take in all that hard work!

As a Personal Trainer I’ve a wide skills set including 1-1 boxing/ MMA Combat, strength training (Barbell, free weights), Total Body Conditioning (Kettlebells, TRX), cardiovascular( HIIT, Tabata). My wide ranging skills set provides variety to training sessions with my clients, challenging their fitness to another level, Whether you’re looking to run a marathon, loose weight or improve over all body appearance, I can work with you to create a bespoke training that focuses on helping you achieve your goals realistically. As well as Nutrition advice specific to your training and intrinsic coaching, essential to help you stay motivated and on track with your fitness journey.

Dance, Barre & Yoga

My background and training in Dance & several years experience as a Dance Teacher has enabled me to specialise in dance fitness fusion with further dance, barre & yoga training certificates and credentials. I’ve created my own Commercial Dance class, a mix of dance fitness and choreographed, up beat dance routines. This dance fitness class is a sweaty, cardio mix with routines that are upbeat and fun. Dancing for pure joy is a great way to burn calories and get fit.

Since gaining my Barre certificate with the Tracey Mallet program, USA and combining it with my former ballet training knowledge, I’ve developed my own Barre fitness classes. Using ballet as a fundamental basis to the class, fused with body conditioning and yoga for a workout that’s hard to beat. Barre will leave you feeling graceful, aligned and centered. As well as working all those intrinsic muscles for an all over body workout.

My Yoga classes are based in the principals of Vinyassa flow set to uplifting music, inspired by my training with Drishti Beats Yoga, USA with whom I trained, gaining my 200 Yoga Alliance teaching foundation. Yoga is so enriching whether you’re looking to de-stress, re-align, ease muscle tensions. So may physical & mental health benefits can be found from practicing Yoga.

Check out my Dance, Barre & Yoga pages for more information on these workouts. As well as joining online classes and live studio classes, where you can try the classes for yourself. FREE TASTER sessions are available.

My Nutrition & well-being blog page is complimentary and will help motivate you and stay on track with your health & fitness goals. Including tips, advice, meal recipes for improved nutrition and to fuel your workouts so you get the most out of your training.

The key to successful good health & fitness is finding training that you enjoy and will stay committed to. What ever stage your at whether you are new to fitness or an avid fitness fanatic I will help motivate, inspire and enable you to reach further to achieve improved fitness, health &well-being . Fitness is an on-going journey and we need to keep our training fresh to keep us moving forward and not hitting a fitness plateau. Get in touch today for your FREE Personal Training consultation.